Vaguspower Philosophy

Did you know we are in the middle of a collective evolutionary shift in our awareness and perception?

More and more people are proactively seeking out ways to improve their mind, body and heart. With that seeking comes a new level of personal empowerment and personal responsibility. This is of enormous benefit to the individual seeker and to humanity at large.

Vaguspower was created to contribute to this leading edge expansion of personal awareness by sharing with you the amazing things that happen when you decide to improve your vagus nerves response. You literally tap into a different circuit. You harness your calm coherent creative inner power (see blue figure below).

As a result of your deliberate conscious decision to improve the tone of your vagus nerves, you align with a dynamic shift into wellness. This shift activates several subtle yet powerful changes in your being which:

  • - moves you into the state of ease, health and vibrancy
  • - opens you up to a much calmer, kinder, wise inner dialogue
  • - restores, to it's rightful place, the coherent governance of your heart field
  • - ignites your frontal lobes into creativity and possibility
  • - returns to you, a lost yet incredibly empowering ability, the ability to self soothe in a benefical, healing and healthy way.

Vaguspower introduces you to these fundamental shifts, please go to mechanics and shift for further details.

Concept: Ease disease.
  • Calm
    Concept: Ease disease.
  • Coherent
    Concept: Ease disease.
  • Creative
    Concept: Ease disease.

Hello my name is Sara and I am the creator of Vaguspower

Thank you for visiting my website. Everyone who knows me knows I have spent many years researching, uncovering and understanding the shift that we are all going through in body, mind and heart. For me the most exciting discovery was my VAGUS NERVES and the benefits that arise from developing and strengthening the tone of this nerve. It is wholly encompassing. I have condensed this vast library of information into several informational pages; the breathe page offers insight into how to improve and strengthen your vagus nerves, the mechanics page offers insight into the science (mind) and the shift page offers insight into the wisdom of developing the vagus nerve (heart), there is also a yoga page yogic breathing, asanas and progressive relaxation all influence the vagus nerve.

Vaguspower is a consolidation of my fifteen year research and personal development project into understanding the current shift in consciousness. Part of this journey included becoming a ceritified Sivananda Yoga Teacher and more recently a certified HeartMath Trainer.

Understand the benefits of improving the tone of your vagus nerves.

Promoting, raising awareness and teaching people to move into the beneficial state of health, wellness and ease is my deepest passion and greatest joy. This improved state of being will give you the power and knowledge to increase your consciousness, emotional resilience and energy. This will make you feel more capable, in charge of your life, give you access to a greater level of personal connection and happiness and leave you with a deep seated sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.